Garden Centre


At DeGroot’s we are committed to carrying a wide array of the highest quality annuals. Annuals are great for container gardening, as well as filling in spaces in a perennial garden or any garden bed space you may have! Our annual selection remains strong from May until August, and even extends into the fall season to help you with your autumn decorating and gardening choices. Our plant selections are available in bedding flats, 4″ pots, and 6″ pots.

We carry the traditional annual favourites such as impatiens, begonias, coleus, petunias, bacopa, daisies, verbena, geraniums, and more! You can also depend on us to have hard-to-find, new, and unusual plants such as Purple Fountain Grass, Calla Lilies, potted Cannas, Dahlias, and Castor Beans.

Looking to stock the kitchen fridge or create canned goods with fresh vegetables and fruit from your garden? Be sure to find your full line of kitchen and landscaping herbs in individual pots, potted gardens, and hanging baskets at DeGroot’s!

Remember – don’t plant your annuals until after the last threat of frost (typically around May 24 weekend). Store in heated garage if you buy early.


Perennials offer many benefits for any gardener! Returning year after year, perennials are a terrific investment and offer countless colours, shades, and textures. At DeGroot’s, we are proud to offer homegrown perennials, ensuring that you receive the highest quality. Our perennial selection includes hostas, coral bells, ornamental grasses, daylilies, ferns, sedum, groundcovers, native plants, and so much more!

We carry many different perennials, and our staff is always ready and happy to help you find what you’re looking for! If we don’t grow it ourselves, we are happy to order from reputable suppliers to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Trees & Shrubs

DeGroot’s is proud to have the largest selection of trees and shrubs in Southwestern Ontario. Most of our plants are homegrown on our production farms to ensure the highest quality. With over twelve acres of nursery production and 20 greenhouses, we are able to grow a wide range of trees and shrubs!

We offer a wide selection of conifers, flowering trees and shrubs, broadleaved evergreens, and shade trees to suit any yard and garden! Our stock is available in a number of different sized pots, from 1-gallon pots up to 5″ caliper wire basket trees.

All of our trees and shrubs are guaranteed for two years when planted by our landscape team or by the customer. Come in and browse our large sales area or speak to our knowledgeable and friendly staff for advice and tips on finding the perfect shrubs and trees for your yard and gardens!

Houseplants & Tropicals

Add some colour and beauty to your home with indoor plants! Houseplants offer many benefits, including improving air quality. Choose from a variety of plant types and sizes!

Tropicals offer a unique touch to any outdoor display during the summer, and can be brought indoors for colour all year long. Browse through our large selection of unique and beautiful tropicals!

Water Plants & Features

Complete your backyard oasis with water plants! Suited for ponds, our water plants can add beauty, as well as help clean your water and provide shade and shelter for your pond’s wildlife! Choose from a variety of water lilies, hyacinth, grasses, and so much more!

Be inspired to create your own water display by meandering through our many displays throughout the nursery! From bubbling rocks to pond-less waterfalls, we offer instructions on setting up your own personal garden paradise! One of our experts is always available to help answer any installation or upkeep questions you may have.