DeGroot’s Nurseries is pleased to offer a unique dining experience! DeGroot’s Teahouse is situated in a cozy corner of the nursery property, and delights visitors with its picturesque setting and delicious meals!

DeGroot’s Teahouse’s rich history enhances the charm of this unique place. Christopher Dent first built the farmhouse in 1906 for his bride-to-be, Eva. During the 1950s, Calvert M. Carruthers owned the homestead, which included the farm and farmhouse. During this time, Carruthers opened his home’s doors to the Red Cross and housed Hungarian refugees who came to Canada following the Communist takeover of their home country. Today, the home is still visited by those who found shelter there during the Cold War years.

In 1980, the DeGroot family bought the farm to accommodate their expanding nursery-greenhouse. The farmhouse was first used as a Christmas house that was later transformed into a tearoom and opened under our management on April 1, 2008.

Using only fresh ingredients, our chefs prepare everything from scratch, delivering exceptional flavour. The menu is a reflection of the seasons, and always features a daily special. Desserts are made fresh at the teahouse, and the menu is updated with new dessert varieties on a regular basis. The coffee is always fresh and there are a variety of teas to choose from!                    DeGroot’s Teahouse is the perfect place to enjoy lunch, or an afternoon tea with friends!


Teahouse Menu

The Teahouse is not visible from the road, but is hidden from view behind DeGroot’s Nurseries. Patrons can enjoy a walk through the nursery and enjoy our beautiful displays and plants as they make their way to the teahouse.

The washrooms in the Teahouse are upstairs and not wheelchair accessible. The entrance to the Teahouse also requires manoeuvring stairs. If assistance is required, we would appreciate being notified in advance so staff is available to assist.