If you’re looking to start growing house plants or adding a unique one to your collection, try an air plant. Known for being low maintenance and fun to display around your home.



Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight which can easily burn their delicate leaves. Air plants prefer bright to medium, indirect light.



Requires no soil. However, some air plants such as staghorn ferns, bird nest ferns, some species of moss, and some philodendrons (among others) can adapt to grow in soil, although they require extremely arid, well draining mixes to survive.



Air plants require regular watering to thrive indoors. However, since the plants grow without soil, watering is a bit different then your normal houseplants. Most air plants can be soaked, where the plant is left to soak in a bowl of water for 20-40 minutes every 1-2 weeks. However, some prefer regular misting, or a quick dunk versus a longer soak.



To fertilize air plants with regular house plant fertilizer, use a water-soluble food at ¼ the recommended strength. Fertilize the same time that you water them by adding the diluted fertilizer to the irrigation water either by misting or soaking in water.



Depending on variety, growth size and rate will differ.


Pet Friendly? Yes, non toxic.