A popular houseplant that is gorgeous and easy to care for. Bella palms have an attractive, charming, and delicate appearance made up of light green fronds and have a delicacy like texture that interior designers adore.


Pot Bella palms in a peaty, soil based potting mix.


An area with medium to bright light and a north or west facing window is best.


Under watering is safer than over watering. Water thoroughly, than wait until an inch or so beneath the soil surface has dried up before watering again. This is a tolerant plant and will let you off if you forget to water on time.


Younger plants will benefit from a once a month feeding during the growing season. Mature plants, feed every couple of months during the growing season.


Has an upright and spreading growth. The leaves on this variety are thin and long compared to other palms. Each cluster of leaves grows from a thick, fleshy petiole. The long fronds are about 6 inches in length and 1 inch in width.

Pet Friendly? Yes, non toxic.