A popular house plant with succulent rows of fleshy, tear drop shaped leaves, and blue green colour. Great in a pot or in a basket that hangs.



Donkeys tail thrives best with lots of warm sunlight. Opt for a sunny windowsill that boasts several hours of daily light. If you are growing your succulent outdoors, place it in a spot that gets plenty of morning sunlight but is partially shaded during the more aggressive afternoon hours to avoid scorching its leaves.



These plants thrive in well drained cacti/succulent potting mix. The plants can become straggly looking if the mix is overly rich.



When it comes to watering your donkey tail, less is more. Water more frequently during its spring and summer growing season, and taper off throughout the fall and winter months. Opt for a single heavy watering each month. Let your plant dry out completely in between watering’s.



Feed your plant at the beginning of the growing season in spring, using a balanced slow release fertilizer. 20-20-20 is recommended.



In mature plants that have ideal growing conditions, donkeys tail can stretch up to 2+ feet.


Pet Friendly? Yes, they are non toxic.