Chinese evergreen is not a needled conifer, but rather a tropical perennial available in several cultivars that make excellent houseplants.



Foxtail palms thrive in full sun. Indoors, you may need to provide a growing lamp to ensure 12+ hours of sunlight a day.



Grows best in slightly acidic soil. Foxtail palms are not picky when it comes to soil, as long as it is well draining. A well rounded potting mix will do the trick.



These palms prefer to be on the dryer side when it comes to watering. Allow soil to dry out in between watering’s.



Only fertilize your foxtail 4 times a years. apply a palm specific fertilizer 8-2-12, slow release fertilizer every 3 months to the soil.



Reaching 10 feet tall indoors in ideal conditions.


Pet Friendly? Yes, toxic to pets and should never be consumed.