Its leaves can vary in hue depending on their age, ranging from dark green and white to lime green and bright pink. Nephthytis can be trailing or climbing vine.


Plant in a regular potting mix. Make sure the soil and pot is well draining. Consider planting your vine in a terracotta or clay pot to which away extra moisture from the soil.


Nephthytis likes bright light, but not direct sun. Defused light is best, as harsh rays can burn or bleach the leaves and vines. Variegated color’s can handle a bit more direct sun, while deeper green varieties are better adapted to partial shade.


Feed your plant once a month with liquid fertilizer throughout the spring, summer and fall months with a water soluble fertilizer. Stop feeding in the winter months when the plant is dormant.


Likes to be moist, but not overly soggy. Never let your palm sit in water. This plant does not want to dry out. Water with distilled or rainwater is best.


Grows quickly climbing and trailing

Pet Friendly? No, toxic to cats and dogs.