Known for their large, tropical looking, heart or arrow shaped leaves, black velvet alocasia is a stunner. Its dark colour and contrasting light coloured veins add an element of interest in any room.

Plant scheffleras in rich, loose, well drained potting soil. Scheffleras do not want to be water logged, so be sure to pick a pot with adequate drainage.

Feed schefflera plants twice a week during the growing season with liquid fertilizer for houseplants, or use two applications of slow release pellets. They are heavy feeders and will benefit from the extra nutrients.

Schefflera plants are slower growing indoors, especially if you keep them somewhat confined in a tight fitting container. 4-6 feet tall and 3-6 feet wide indoors.

Prefers bright, indirect light. In the summer, move the potted plant outside. A Schefflera plant that gets leggy or floppy might not be receiving enough light.

Water regularly during the growing season and spray the leaves with water frequently. Wait until the soil in the pot dries out and then give it a deep and thorough soaking. Cut back on watering during the winter months.

Pet Friendly? No, mildly toxic to humans and more seriously toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.