It is a unique and attractive houseplant with evergreen, succulent, trailing vines that look good in hanging baskets or pots on shelves or window sills. The heart shaped, gray-green foliage has an eye catching marbled pattern, and the then string like vines have a distinctive purple shade.



Place your string of hearts somewhere that it will receive bright but dappled, filtered sunlight for the best growth and flowers.



These plants thrive in well drained cacti/succulent potting mix. The plants can become straggly looking if the mix is overly rich.



Although string of hearts is drought tolerant, it does like more frequent watering than many other succulent species. Too much water can result in swollen foliage, leaf drop, and the growth habit can become messy. Let the soil dry out between waterings. Do no leave your plant in standing water.



Regular feedings with a fertilizer specifically designed for succulents is recommend. It should not be high in nitrogen, as too much nitrogen can result in the plants becoming overly soft.



String of hearts is a fast growing plant, and the sprawling vines can hang down several feet up to 12 feet once they are mature. It goes dormant in cooler weather, slowing down its growth.


Pet Friendly? Yes, they are non toxic.